Sunday, September 22, 2013

Best Friend Tag

Good Afternoon folks!

Today is Sunday the somethingth and I have just cleaned my office. I not only cleaned off my desk but I took out my broken filing cabinet and also cleaned my bookshelves and rearranged them to better display dorky things. You see the key to having me clean is to trap me in my house without the ability to leave. The Bell people are supposed to swing by and take care of my phone line but I suspect they wont be here until 4:55pm and then will tell me they want to charge me $300 to fix it. Which I don't want. That would suck all the things.

So what is going on? Nothing really.. I recently watched a YouTube video that went through "The Best Friend Tag" and decided that I would do that as a challenge to myself. Very similar to the newly wed game I made for Crystal except that I don't have to think up any more questions.

SO LET'S DO THIS! All the answers are about Crystal and I didn't think of them so if they aren't as super awesome as the questions I thought up, its not my fault. You will just have to wait patiently until Crystal has a chance to write her responses.

  1. How/When did you meet? No idea, I assume some time after she was birthed when I was 1.5 I would think we would have been placed near each other.

  2. What is your favorite memory of them? So many to choose from. I can't really pick a favorite, but way up there was the time that Crystal, myself and our friend Adrian were at her house playing the Sims. I had just passed my G1 (in Ontario they make you take 10000 tests before you are allowed to drive) and then it was also near Christmas. We were in Crystal's room on her computer when she decided that she had waited long enough and she wanted to snoop in the bag of presents in her parents room. Me, loving Christmas and surprises wrestled her to the ground and we continued fighting while Adrian sat at the computer completely ignoring our screams for help as he called out "How do I make them move?" (referring to the characters in the game). It was great. Also more recently I would say True American and Comicon. Getting to meet Burt Ward with my best friend by my side keeping me from imploding was the best ever.

  3. Describe her in one word: myperson. It counts as as one if there are no spaces.

  4. What is Crystal's dream job? She would work in a museum in England of Chicago probably. She would be the super fancy marketing person who made museums more popular

  5. What is her favourite makeup brand? I think she likes stuff from sephora but I really don't know much about makeup to know brands. I am sure her favourite is something super fancy adn expensive that neither of us could afford just look at from a safe distance.

  6. What annoys me about her? I dislike when she is late. But she always feels bad so then I feel bad about being annoyed so its very bad all around.

  7. If you could go anywhere in the world together where would you go? Well other than our awesome adventure we will do next year to mother F*!#$% Harry Potter World, I really want to do like a 2-3 week adventure to Europe. I want to go to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Holland. So we might need more then 2 weeks. But it has to happen.

  8. Favourite inside joke? Clicked like a South African.

  9. Who takes longer to get ready? Umm... I would say me. My hair is essentially an entire being on its own so if we were going to go somewhere and actually try to look nice I take longer. I think if its just like, every day stuff, judging by the time she takes in trying on clothes, it would probably be her. Only because she actually puts effort into outfits and stuff. I just grab one super hero shirt and black pants and pretend I am an adult.

  10. Heels or Flats? I think she wears flats more but she can walk better in heels then me by far.

  11. Pants or dresses? Depends on the season. She looks super good in dresses and has several. But we live in Canada and need to be realistic. Although Tights are a magical thing. I am learning from Crystal and started wearing dresses all the time because of the new job, and now I see why she does it. Very comfy once you get used to it.

  12. Favourite animal? I am going to go with dogs because she really wants one.

  13. If her house was burning down what would she save? Honestly she would probably have to save Kris because he sleeps through everything and wouldn't wake up

  14. Comedy, Horror or Chick Flick? I think depending on the day she could watch any of these things. Usually together we watch comedy or chick flick because my crazies can't handle horror.

  15. Favourite movie? Maybe Singing in the Rain, but I am not 100% sure :S

  16. Favourite TV Show? Maybe West Wing or Gilmore Girls. She also likes New Girl. I don't know her absolute favoruite thoguh, I think she also watches game of thrones but I am not super sure. Sorry Crystal, we just talked about this I just forget :(

Anyways, my phone is now fixed! Not that anyone ever calls my home phone to talk to me, but it does mean I can use it sometimes to call companies that I don't want to waste my minutes on.

I also noticed there are no pictures of me on this blog that weren't drawn, not that this will change but here is a picture I found while cleaning of Crystal and I probably 19-20 years ago! Please not the food on my face (the one on the right) and the snot on Crystal's nose (obviously the one on the left)



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  1. (despite the snot...which you can probably edit out nowadays) this is by far my favourite all time picture of the two of you - SUPER SWEET !


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